2013-03-15 Nadja Voorham "AS I WAS WAITING."

2013-02-21 Julia żabowska "Awry Games"

play game –- [press enter]
move right –- [right arrow]
move left –- [left arrow]
mimic jump –- [space bar]

play game -– [press enter]
aim –- [mouse cursor]
shoot –- [space bar]
start over -– [backspace]

move right –- [right arrow]
move left –- [left arrow]
jump –- [space bar]

move up -- [arrow up]
fall fast -- [arrow down]
move left -- [left arrow]
move right -- [right arrow]

jump -– [joystick up]
move left –- [joystick left]
move right –- [joystick right]
shoot -– [all the different buttons]



2013-01-26 Dominik "Empty Pictures 2"

2013-01-11 Ivana Hilj and Caetano Carvalho "Society for the Preservation of Future Ruins"

Society for the Preservation of Future Ruins
by Ivana Hilj and Caetano Carvalho

Somewhere, in the space that opens between an unfinished past and a reopened future, a future anterior. 
"Are you a technoptimist or a depressimist?" he asks. " Well, here we are." she says "spending the last weeks of this year digging for digital fossils. Sampling, documenting, collecting. As if the pile of vestiges of outmoded objects we have accumulated so far wasn't enough." The pile of vestiges of outmoded objects had accumulated into a melancholic, never completed, long-deserted archive, which now sits in ruins, that long awaited statement from another age (that was, or to come). " The demise of that failed futuristic vision was, is inevitable." A short silence follows "Ah! " she continues "We've been looking for some illumination on the turns of history, but these remnants do not posses the revolutionary energies we hoped to find. They are enigmas without resolution, let alone redemption. The only presences to be found in history are ghosts of repetition. Memory has lost all of its restorative power. The future, too…. Does this answer your question?" "I like to think (it has to be!) / of a cybernetic ecology / where we are free of our labors / and joined back to nature, / returned to our mammal / brothers and sisters, / and all watched over / by machines of loving grace." He chants.


2012-11-15 La Ira "Creation / Destruction"

Creation / Destruction
by La Ira

Installation and paintings by street
artist La Ira, famous for his iconic
monmort(dead world) street paintings and
large scale wall paintings.
The exhibition features a collaboration with Imagina.

Opening on November 15th 16:00-22:00.
The exhibition is open by appointment
only from November 16th to November 30th.
Write to outpost@squat.net for


2012-09-14 Kristine Hymøller "Obviously it is not a circle if you are not involved"


Obviously it is not a circle if you are not involved
by Kristine Hymøller

The Forms dimensions often refers to the ways in which status manifests itself. The circle is a simple shape with a coherent flow and the one who oppose the circle, disrupt the flow.

The Danish artist Kristine Hymøller will present a new photography and sculpture installation, investigating the absolute autonomous in opposition to a merging unity. Assessing the physical space around us, the relations among form, matter and how it molds us.

2012-07-14 Marianna Ignataki "The End of Magic"

The End of Magic
by Marianna Ignataki

On Marianna Ignataki’s Work
By Zandie Brockett

Sexual and surreal, Marianna Ignataki’s works on paper exude fantastical ideas of life and the self upon confronting the stagnancies of our present day world. Working primarily with color pencil, Ignataki’s facility with this graphite medium enables her to photo-realistically enter a subliminal world, one filled with symbolic images of her own mythology. Consumed by the psycho-emotional, specifically loneliness, helplessness, agony, passivity and despair, she frequently uses women or mythically created, deviant forms of the female self to play protagonist in a magic and ritual filled sphere. Given the occultism that fills each of her drawn works, it is only fit that symmetry and geometry play an integral role in her quest to identify and release the emotions of her own mythology into the world which she contextualizes herself.

Entering into the realm of performance and ready-made-object installations, Ignataki brings her mystical world into a realist realm, one that can be experienced and touched, so to bring the self deeper into the throws of a personal lore.

Zandie Brockett is an independent curator.

Beijing, June 2012.